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Guided visualization for connecting with your unborn child

Mother’s day is coming and although it’s not something that my culture celebrates it’s becoming more and more part of my life, as this year I am a mother. If you are expecting or planning to have a baby, this guided visualization is for you, as it will help you connect with your unborn child. There is no time in Spirit, so it’s never too early to connect with your baby and welcome him/her in your life.

Pregnancy and preparing for motherhood can be filled with anxiety and trepidations, but also with joy, laughter and love and this guided visualization will get you in touch with the high vibrational experiences and feelings of pregnancy. You can listen to it any time you would like to feel connected with your baby, release the low vibrational thoughts and emotions and get back in touch with the authentic, loving, nourishing you.


My son Theodore at 3 months.

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