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Breath4LifeTM Group Breath work session

Breath4LifeTM Breath Work

What is Breath4Life™ Breath Work?

Our breath is the fuel that sustains our life. Without it we wouldn’t survive and yet we rarely pay attention to the way we breathe and the quality of it. When your breath reaches your abdomen it is deep and indicates you feel safe and are in thriving mode. When your breath reaches down to your chest, the breath is shallow and indicates you are in survival mode. Sometimes we feel so busy, stressed etc that we don’t allow ourselves to breathe deep into our bodies and get back to thrive mode and feeling safe. Breath Work is an alternative therapy that helps you to overcome anxiety, stress, emotional fatigue, feelings of overwhelm and naturally leads to gaining and using  emotional intelligence, self-love and understanding  in everyday life.

Breath4Life™ Breath Work is subconscious connected Breath Work and is an alternative therapy that takes you out of mind and space. Through using your breath you will start clearing all your hurts, suppressions and emotional overwhelm. You will switch from living in survival mode to living in thrive mode and bring that into your everyday life in a safe way. Breath4Life™ Breath Work allows you to clear physical, emotional and psychological pains, making space for more love, laughter and emotional and mental balance. You will be able to bring back the joy for life and re-connect with your loved ones on a deeper level.

The sessions are set up in 2 hour slots on a 1:1 basis or in 3-4 hours slots for group workshops and are held in Aldershot, Surrey. They involve a conversation about what you will experience. You don’t have to talk if you don’t wish, Breath Work is just as effective and the healing will still take place. You will then lay down on a comfortable duvet and pillow and you will be guided on how to use your breath to access your subconscious and clear the emotional blocks. You will receive guidance from me and you will be in control throughout. After the Breath Work you will be able to talk about your experience and get clarity on any questions you might have. Your life will change in a profound way from the first breath.

Breath Work helps you to change the subconscious patterns in your brain so you can transform blocks that are stopping you from having the life you would like for example being a mother or having real deep meaningful relationships, into stepping stones to manifesting your soul wishes. It works because it changes you from the inside out and when you project positive patterns, you will attract positive experiences

 Breath4Life™ Breath Work helps you achieve


-       You don't have to talk about your experiences in order to for the breathwork therapy to be effective


-       Helps you understand yourself and your life experiences

-       Safely feel your emotions and heal trauma so you can move on with your life

-       Overcome emotional overwhelm such as anxiety, stress and helps you feel safe again

-       Overcome physical overwhelm such as difficulty breathing

-       Bring in joy, self-love and peace in your life and allowing them to stay

-       Gain emotional intelligence and live in heart space

-       Discovering and developing your self-empowerment, self-parenting and inner-intuition

-       Live the life you wish to have, not just dream about it

-       Acceptance and unconditional love for self and others

-       And much more

brain neurons

Breath Work research

Suppressing causes a poorer recovery from a negative experience and suppression of breathing leads to reduced oxygen and high levels of CO2 in blood which is associated with high levels of anxiety and worry. Healthy and panic disorder subjects had CO2 administered to them. Both test groups experienced increases in anxiety. In the panic disorder patients, the frequency of panic attacks and the increases in anxiety induced by 5% CO2 exceeded those in the healthy subjects and were similar to those induced by 7.5% CO2 in the healthy subjects.

In a longitudinal study a group of military veterans that received breathing-based meditation intervention showed a decrease in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The group also presented a reduction in anxiety symptoms, respiration rate and hyper-vigilance, correlated with reductions in hyperarousal symptoms immediately post intervention and at 1-year follow-up.

Diaphragmatic breathing significantly increases sustained attention and significant decreases negative affect. It is also linked to decreasing cortisol and increase in melatonin, resulting in lower level of oxidative stress which in turn protect the breathers from long-term adverse effects of free radicals. According to Dr. Lauri Wright from University of South Florida, a good way to describe free radicals is to think of them “as waste products from various chemical reactions in the cell that when built up and harm the cells of the body.” In an fMRI experiment slow breathing lead to increased comfort, relaxation, pleasantness, vigour and alertness, and reduced symptoms of arousal, anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion.

Deep breathing promotes beneficial effects on heart rate variability in patients hospitalised for chronic heart failure. Slow and deep breathing is also linked to attenuation of pain perception and reductions in negative feelings (tension, anger, and depression).

Breathing has also been linked to weight loss.

There are many pieces of research highlighting the importance of breathing. Breath Work is an effective alternative therapy that can also help to reverse mental, emotional and physical trauma. 

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