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Mom and Baby

Parenthood is an emotional roller-coaster that can affect you and your loved ones in many ways. If you are successful in falling pregnant and then experience the miracle of childbirth, there can still be a high mental and emotional cost. Been unsuccessful in getting pregnant or bringing a child in this world is even more painful.

If you are pregnant, have a new born baby or are a partner of someone who is experiencing:

  • Bad dreams, insomnia or nightmares before, during or after pregnancy.

  • Struggling with feeling pregnant, feelings around pregnancy, having baby or breastfeeding.

  • Have lost a baby.

  • Self or family trauma around childbirth.

  • Thoughts or behaviour of self-harm

  • Wanting the pregnancy or baby, but struggling to accept the baby.

  • Mental and emotional strain on self and existing relationships because of pregnancy or baby.

  • Distressing emotional patterns such as prolonged crying baby.

  • Struggling in any other way.

baby holding mother hand
mother and baby holding hands

Through using Spiritual Response Therapy, Breath4LifeTM Breath Work and/or Reiki you can overcome this challenge, become a stronger person through the wisdom it provides and get though the other side. The energetic tools can help you:

  • Clear the re-occurring pattern, to be in harmony with yourself and your pregnancy or new baby.

  • Gain understanding why some of these events are happening.

  • Help integrate baby in your life and family.

  • Heal unhelpful thought patterns.

  • Heal family patterns or previous patterns of difficult birth.

  • Find the truth about how you really feel about your pregnancy/baby or wanting to have a baby.

  • Connect with your baby, welcome them in your life

  • Find soul information such as their name or their life purpose.

Regardless of where you are on the parenting journey, if you need help with these and much more reach out.

You are not alone.

079 6621 3082

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