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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Personal Assistant

 Adina is an amazing therapist and Reiki healer!!! During the sessions I had with her, she seemed to understand my needs intuitively and was very kind and compassionate. Also offering sessions during her limited lunch time at work for free to help her colleagues, is admirable and she has my respect!!! 


Shop Assistant

I recommend Adina because she was able to connect to me and viceversa in different levels. I felt safe and well guided in a very emotional journey within myself. Thanks for that Adina and I will definetely see you again for more mind/body/energy experiences



Having been to a Breathworks taster session with Adina, I can highly recommend this form of treatment. Adina is knowledgeable, kind, sensitive and professional in her approach. I expect to return for another workshop with Adina. She is a fellow Reiki practitioner too and can't be faulted with this modality.



I am very happy to have had the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge shown by Adina Newton, and the positive and surprising effects I felt almost immediately. I congratulate you, sincerely, for the openness you have in helping people, and I want you to get where you set out with your knowledge, and to have as many opportunities as possible to put this knowledge at the service of people!


Writer and Music Producer

Adina has a warm and friendly personality and approaches her work with enthusiasm and with the aim to make sure you enjoy the experience. I enjoyed my session with her.

Group of people in front of Stonehenge
Sunrise over the Wheat Field



Adina's skills, her open, simple and direct communication mode recommends her as a good practitioner and therapist. Thank you Adina for the presentation made in Bacau (Romania) and thank you for the private guidance session! I felt the positive effects of the transformations that we managed to make together the very next few days. By the way, I tried the salt bath really works. Good luck on the path you have chosen !!!


HR consultant

Adina's greatest quality and strength is how she will keep it real, tell the truth and help you also do the same. She is diligent, courageous and will stop at nothing to perfect and learn her craft. She will dig deep with you to help you find your gold and move forward in life. She really knows her stuff, is a great Reiki channel and will hold your highest will and good in her heart. I highly recommend Adina and all her services.



Adina’s really is an expert in her field a wealth of knowledge, compassion and empathy if you are looking to move forward in life I would recommend Adina to anyone, she will help you move forwards with guidance and grace.



I have known and worked with Adina for 4 years. She is committed, focused and above all empathetic. As a Breath4Life Breath Work Practitioner and Life Coach her approach is to help clients see the barriers which stop them achieving their goals, and isn't afraid to gently challenge her clients in order for them to break through those barriers. I highly recommend Adina.



Adina is a great source of wisdom and love I would highly recommend her services to everyone

reiki treatment room
Wheat grains in the the sun rise

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