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The word Reiki comes from Japan and it is made up of two words: "rei" which means universal in the sense of everywhere and "Ki" which is vital life force, therefore Reiki is “universal life force energy”. Reiki is hands-on or hands-off energy healing, where the universal life energy is channelled through the Reiki Practitioner and passed on to you, allowing it to go wherever it is needed. The energy aids the body's natural healing mechanism, allowing you to heal on a physical, emotional mental and spiritual level. It is a powerful energy healing therapy which helps you overcome emotional overwhelm and gain the mental clarity you seek.

Reiki is beyond words and needs to be experienced. It is gentle, helping you relax and get back to being authentically you, but a very effective and efficient healing energy therapy. Reiki is a great first step in anyone’s journey of self-discovery or if you are interested in energy medicine and self-healing.

Reiki Treatment Room

How Reiki benefits you:

-       It greases the wheels of the Universe, so you will find yourself in the flow, moving with ease and attracting more joy and laughter.

-       Once you have received a reiki treatment, the benefits can be felt immediately.


-       Dissolves energy blocks and promotes harmony and balance in the mind body and soul.

-       Reiki is a gentle and safe energy healing therapy and helps you overcome stress, anxiety and supports the body's immune system.

-       It can only be used for good, only good can come out of it.

-       Safe to use with other medicine or treatments.

-       It is relaxing, peaceful and helps you get back to your inner calm and balance.

-       Helps quieten the mind, thoughts and helps you sleep better.

-       As it is energy medicine can can help you heal on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Hands holding honeycomb

1:1 Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a gentle energy healing tool that aids you in your natural ability to self-heal your mind, body and spirit. It can be a hands-on or hands-off therapy, so it’s great for those that would prefer a non-invasive therapy.


Reiki supports orthodox medicine or can be used alone, but is not a replacement for traditional medication or treatments. Reiki is given in a quiet environment and is safe for adults, children, mothers–to–be, babies and animals. The session last for one hour and are on a one to one basis.

Reiki Share Ash, Aldershot

We hold Reiki shares in Ash, Aldershot GU12 in the 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the month. Come along from 7:00pm, to meet everyone, have a drink, chat and relax.

Parking available and free on the street. We aim to finish around 9:00pm.

We are a friendly group, who welcome those with any level of Reiki attunement or none. So why not come along for a hot drink and a chat, so that we can all practice and learn from each other, in a fun and relaxed way.

For those new to Reiki, the sessions are set up so that you can see what it feels like, to both receive Reiki and to be a Reiki channel. For those, who are already Reiki attuned, it is a chance to relax, take a breathe and receive Reiki from another person, as well as providing treatments to others.

Email for dates and more information.

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