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Adina Hanganu-Newton

I am a Reiki Master and Breath4LifeTM Breath Work Practitioner. After arriving in the UK in 2007, I pursued a BSc (Hons) course in Psychology with Criminology from Roehampton University. Whilst this course helped me develop my self-awareness skills, this was just the start of my personal evolution journey. I was about to embark on a lifetime journey of understanding who I really am and how to live my life fully with its ups and downs. 

Back then I didn’t have the knowledge or skills to deal with the down side of life and appealed to my local Romanian church when life became difficult. I found them unsympathetic and unhelpful. When I build up the courage to say the thoughts that were going through my mind I was ignored and left without counsel on how to resolve my problem. The blessing received from the priest at the end of the confession was felt, but it didn’t last because I didn’t know how to hold on to the good I just received. I didn’t know how to deal with my own thoughts outside of the church walls. I was like a leaking vase. The peace from the blessing leaked away and I didn’t know how to fix myself.

So I looked further and during a visits in 2012, to my home country, Romania, my sister introduced me to Reiki. There was an instant connection with the healing energy of Reiki. I finally felt I found something that would help me change my life for the better, not only because Reiki was powerful, but because I could empower myself by training in Reiki to use this healing tool whenever I needed. I was no longer dependant on someone else’s blessing to feel better.

This led me to find a great Reiki teacher in the UK and in 2017 I achieved my Reiki Master qualification from Acorn to Oak, the International School of Energy Medicine. Shortly after, I experienced Breath4LifeTM Breath Work and found it even more efficient at clearing mental and emotional blocks.

Breath Work is a deep energetic healing tool that gives you the power to heal trauma and hurts caried for years or even lifetimes. I found in Breath Work something that I never thought I would - a second amazing technique that actually heals and not just manages pain. So, I decided to become a 1:1 and group Breath4LifeTM Breath Work practitioner.

I love helping people empower themselves, as I was once given the opportunity to empower myself.

If you relate to my story and have looked for healing or understanding in the wrong places, reach out. Reiki and Breath Work could change your life as it changed mine.

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