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Why do we have bad thoughts? An emotional and energetic explanation

In this article I mostly refer to projection thoughts. Projection is when you feel something you don’t want to feel and you are projecting it onto someone else, i.e. it’s all their fault, if I wouldn’t be for them, this wouldn’t have happened … an easy way to understand it is energetically and emotionally throwing up on someone else, because that person is reflecting or bringing up your shadow or something that you don’t want to see in yourself. This can be on purpose i.e. to consciously blame someone, making them wrong etc or unconscious, when a thought comes out of the blue or so it seems, such as “she is stupid”.

What are projection thoughts or projections?

1. You are not your thoughts, you are consciousness and energy. Thoughts come in and go out, but sometimes we get stuck in them. Knowing this is helpful, but at times it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and feel like the thoughts are gaining up on you and you lost your connection with the Truth. When this happens an energetic pattern interrupt is needed. You can use Breath Work or any other energetic technique like Reiki or Tai Chi etc to help you raise your vibration and raise yourself out of the swamp into the clear again.

2. Projections happen when you don’t own something within you. Again someone or something is bringing up an emotion within you. You then have the choice to feel it or not. If your default is “Do Not Feel” and “Emotions are the enemy”, then you’re likely to put that emotion aside in some remote part of your mind, that you won’t ever want to access i.e. you’ll suppress it. If you are aware of your emotions and patterns, you may feel the emotion rising and use a technique to deal with it like taking a breath, saying to yourself “that’s interesting” or actively choosing to feel it etc. When the emotion first rises it’s clean i.e. no thought attached to it, it’s not wrong it’s not right it just is. When we attempt to resist it or suppress it, it then turns into something else, that can be a thought. It’s like having a dough ball in your hand (that’s the emotion), you don’t like it and squeeze it, i.e. suppress it, it will end up coming through your fingers and making a bigger mess then if you were to make pizza with it, i.e. allow it to fulfill its purpose and felt it. Just like with the dough ball you can’t get rid of emotions, even if you were to throw the dough ball away it still exists in the bin. The only thing you can do is transform it into something else and allow it to move on. The same with the emotion, you can’t get rid of it, you can transform it though feeling it which will allow it to move on. The difference between the dough ball and emotions is that humans don’t have a government department coming by once a week to pick up discarded emotions, like they pick up the waste bins. So emotions hang around in the subconscious, until we’re ready to deal with them.

3. When you have bad thoughts coming in all of a sudden, it’s because you’ve been breathing from your chest (survival mode) as opposed to your abdomen/belly (thrive mode), for a long time. Breathing from the chest is bringing oxygen in to keep your body alive, but you are literally sitting on your emotions, keeping them below your heart and therefore out of reach and can’t be felt. When breathing from the chest your emotions are building up, waiting to be felt and when your emotional cup is full, it spills over and you project or have a bad thought. Therefore it feels like the bad thought is out of nowhere, but actually it’s because of the repeated suppression of emotions.

Whatever bad or negative thoughts you have they exist because that’s what pushes your buttons, they show you what area is due to be healed. They might be thoughts about God or devil or around stupidity etc. We all have different buttons, but the process of feeling our emotions and what happens when we don’t is the same for everyone.

At first the process will be so quick you won’t be aware of all the different stages of feeling your emotions, but study it yourself and see what you come up with. I found that emotions come in two directions from the top down (head to heart) and down up (feet or abdomen to heart). At first when you feel an emotion or energy rising automatically the instinct to resist it will rise too, because you have taught yourself the pattern of resisting emotions. Soon all you’ll feel is resistance without any concept of what you are resisting, but here’s an exercise I found illuminating.

Allow yourself to feel.

When an emotions first rises it doesn’t have any flavour to it, you don’t know what it is until it gets to your heart and you may feel an emotion rises because you feel the resistance first. Let it in. Take a breath and keep breathing, but more importantly have the intention to let the emotion in. At first it will feel like every cell inside you is screaming against it because you are going against everything you’ve done so far and feels so counter intuitive, but allow yourself to have this experience. It can feel tricky and messy and that’s all right; you may still end up projecting or feel stuck between your old and new patter. Trust me it’s worth the journey because just like the dough ball has the role to feed us, so emotions have the role to colour our life, make it interesting and worth living (I recommend the animated movie Inside Out, it explains emotions very well). In addition emotions don’t lie, they’ll tell you exactly how you feel about something, just put your hand on your heart.

How does resistance feel?

Resistance can feel differently for everyone, but a big tell is when you find yourself breathing from the chest (survival mode) as opposed to the belly/abdomen (thrive mode). If you notice your breath goes as low as the chest, it’s all right, it’s never too later to start breathing deeper into your body and feel your emotions. So though the day allow yourself to take a few deep breaths and put your hand on your heart. If you are in a public place and feel you can’t do that bring your attention to your heart and that will help you feel your emotions. Once you start breaking down the walls of resistance by breathing, you’ll notice the emotions behind the resistance and find you resist joy as much as you resist the other less desired emotions like sadness. We block the Universe’s gifts by resisting them.

Why will this be helpful to you?

Your emotions are your friends. They tell you where you’re at, you take better decision for yourself and any aspect of your life. Again like any new process, it may take more effort to start with, it can feel like you have a new full time job of feeling your emotions, but that’s only because they have been gagging at the gate of your heart to get in. Again energetic techniques like Reiki, Breath Work etc can help with getting back in balance and then your practice of allowing emotions in will become easier. The truth is that we are consciousness and energy and this is the bottom line, if we don’t allow emotions in (e-motion which is energy in motions) we’re suppressing a part of ourselves it’s like using only one leg and one arm every day although you have two of each, it will make your life more difficult. In addition your thoughts will stop because you’re no longer projecting or rejecting that part of your energy, you are bringing it in, owning it and therefore owning your shadow.

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