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3 steps to keeping your inner compass straight regardless of outer circumstances

One of the biggest lessons I learned during the pandemic was that the pandemic can be a good excuse to let myself slide, to let my spiritual practice slide (not only how often I do it but the quality and effort I put in too), to let my thinking slide in negative thinking and allow myself to slip into general anxiety where a sense of permanent insecurity had established itself. I tried to “break the pattern”, but things only significantly turned round when I decided to move on from this pattern. As soon as I made the decision I felt a sense of relief arrive. The Universe has shifted into action, because I had shifted into action. I had only decided to take the action and I was already feeling better.

So the first step to keeping your moral compass is to be honest with yourself and look at where you are, where you would like to be and where you have gone off the path. This is not a time to beat yourself up, but simply be honest and kind with self. Taking this step can feel the hardest, because it comes with acknowledging that past behaviour hasn’t been enlightened. But this very realisation is so empowering if you allow it, because you choose to stop living a lie, i.e this is life, I’m fine (which, by the way FINE stands for F***ed up, Insecure, Nervous and Emotional) and change your life into what you would like to be.

The second step is to take action. No good taking a decision, if you will not do anything about it. Action is needed. For me the ultimate action is action therapy Breath4LifeTM Breath Work. Breath Work is my best pattern interrupt and it never fails. It helps you go into your subconscious, where you patterns are, and deal with the root of an issue as opposed to the symptoms. So if you suffer from insomnia or have a long standing anxiety issue drinking tea, taking herbal or orthodox medicine or taking some time off are dealing with the symptoms, they are helpful, but on their own it will not get you very far in eliminating the main cause of your discomfort. So what is that action for you? What tool do you use to help you deal with the root of your discomfort or emotional pain? Make a list of that energetic tools you use or maybe meant to use for kept putting it off and if you have a tool that works, use it.

The third step is checking in and observe how you have adjusted. Breath Work goes beyond the conscious mind and it can’t assess the scale of the change, you just know your life has changed for the better. So observe that. How do you feel after Breath Work or the therapy that you do? This is the time when you give your ego a treat, a pat on the back and “keep on keeping on”. So many times after a retreat or a Breath Work session I go back to my old behaviours because I have just ticked that box that my ego needs, the “I’ve done something good for myself, now I’m off the hook, so can continue with my old behaviour”. The third step is a time to reap the rewards of the effort put during step two and choose to go forward and develop yourself further. We all slip and mess up, fall off the wagon, but the biggest lesson that I learned so far is that truly when you are critical of self or beat yourself up ego wins and the best thing that I can do for myself is to respond with compassion, reflect and choose to do better next time.

So to keep your inner compass pointing straight on the path you must choose to see your compass, take action and keep going.

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