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Your whole self at work

An emotion felt is a bad behaviour avoided

Online or face to face Emotional Intelligence workshops which are bespoke for your business and your employee’s needs. These 5 sessions are dealing with Stress and Anxiety.


Session 1

Basic Emotional Intelligence

- Explain what emotions are (Mad, Sad, Glad and Scared)

- Explain the importance of identifying emotions and how it can help you

- Creative process and learning the “Empting the emotional buckets” tool.


Session 2

Emotional resilience

- Explore what happens when we suppress, where do the emotions go?

- Explore what is resilience, gain resilience tool and practice using it

- Self-expression using the right side of the brain


Session 3

Emotional Clarity and Levels of Consciousness

- What is the conscious mind, what is the subconscious?

- Guided visualisation where you gain emotional clarity around a work or life question.

- Share how you feel and ask questions on the experience you had.


Session 4

Emotional Stability and Mindset

- Recognising the inner critic

- Gain tool to recognise the inner critic and practice using it.

- Being aware of the inner critic in the work environment.


Session 5

Emotional Authenticity and Productivity

- Explore the importance of caring for your own authentic needs

- Guided visualisation where you gain clarity on caring for own authentic needs

- Reflection on what you have gained and how it will benefit your work and life.

What you (the participant) will get from the sessions

  • Tools on how to recognise and deal with stress, anxiety and emotional overwhelm

  • Tools that can be used every day at work or home to bring joy and understanding to your live

  • How to take appropriate action and deal with your emotions

  • Understand resilience and gain tools in how to build resilience

  • A safe space where you can say how you really feel 

  • Understanding and knowledge of what you are going though

  • Gain emotional intelligence

  • Know the difference between the conscious and the subconscious

  • Take two journeys into the subconscious

  • Self parenting tools you can use with yourself, problem staff or colleagues

What you (the company) will get from the sessions

  • Tools to manage problem staff and understanding around it

  • Higher job satisfaction in staff

  • Higher productivity

  • Less stress related absences

  • Happier and more engaged staff

  • Lower staff turnover

  • Empathy and understanding on all levels between staff and management

  • Culture of emotional intelligence and reciprocal respect

  • Staff looking beyond themselves and emotional struggles, they have the tools to manage themselves


The workshops are designed for the same group of participants to attend all sessions therefore taking them though a journey, but the sessions can act as standalone workshops too. All workshops are focused on the participants, them sharing and exploring their thought and feelings, so they can gain the knowledge and understanding they need to bring their whole selves at work.


The workshops can be tailored in length (usually an hour but can be longer) and number (minimum 3 sessions). For the workshops to run we need at least 4 participants. 


To discuss your bespoke workshop in more detail click below

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