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herd of buffalos

During the storm be the Buffalo. The Buffalo is the only creature on the plains to walk towards the storm to get through the other side. They know the quickest way is to go through the storm and not run or go round it. With the strongest and wisest on the outside, protecting and sheltering the weakest, oldest and youngest in the middle they move one step at a time though the storm.


The quickest and most effective way through life's inner storms, is through it. To actively walk into it, with the help of your tribe, your buffalo herd. Together, we can heal and move through anything.

Our only mission, is to help as many people as possible; to gain the emotional and mental health, insight, wisdom, clarity and knowledge they need, to move forward with their lives.
To make the impossible possible. Breath Work practitioners are passionate about helping their tribe trough the storm and into living life with passion and purpose.

Meet The Team

Pennie Quaile-Pearce

Acorn to Oak - International School of Energy Medicine

Founded by Pennie Quaile-Pearce, who is passionate about helping and guiding people to become the best possible version of themselves, by realising their own unique genius and gifts and then enabling them to bring this uniqueness to the rest of the world


Higher Vibes Corner

Founded by Amy who is passionate about creating a warm, safe space for people to heal themselves, discover, transform and find their inner freedom. Guiding others from their monkey minds to their sentient hearts. Combining holistic tools to empower people for soul-fulfilling changes. Here, you can connect with the home within your heart. 

Matthew James Donnachie

Inner Balance

Founded by Matthew James Donnachie who is passionate to share his knowledge and experience to help other transform their own life's. He is passionate about sharing a safe space with a "no messing loving attitude" so that people will get the most out of the training and themselves.

Adam Weller


Founded by Adam Weller who is passionate about helping and supporting people as they clear their clutter, find out who they truly are, where their passion lies and the power they have, to change dreams and aspirations into goals and reality. 

Jill Pay

Jill Pay

Jill Pay is passionate about helping people to live their full potential by supporting them to discard all that doesn't serve them or distracts from their true nature. 



Paul is passionate about self development and on-going training. Recently he became a “Dementia Friend” following training from the Alzheimer’s Society. As part of his stewarding role, he has received Disability Inclusion & Etiquette Training with Level Playing Field. He is also a student of the Self-Realisation Fellowship and regularly practices Kriya meditation.

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